XENYMPHUS has broken the tradition that mud baths, algae packs and other spa products, although good for the skin and condition, but very 'basic'.

XENYMPHUS is extremely effective, and above that, much attention has been paid to: well-being, luxury and smell. The smell is obtained, for example, by essential oils from plants. As a result, a XENYMPHUS treatment is also delicious and beneficial, so that you can take it back as reborn. For example, Greek Wisdom: ”a healthy mind in a healthy body” has not lost its topicality.

The research for the composition of the XENYMPHUS line was done by the cosmetic / pharmaceutical laboratory of MEDEX. There has been made use of components of the highest purity and activity. We are looking for synergy in operation and components. It goes without saying that micronized algae is used, and that the most active alga is used. You can expect these results from MEDEX research.

The combination: synergism and luxury of the line makes that a XENYMPHUS cure is absolutely the best that is available in this area for the man and woman, who wants the best …, and can afford.