Enjoy the sun carefree - Become beautiful brown.

The sun is the primal source of all life. Every time we are invited to enjoy the benefits and warmth of the sun. MEDEX Sun with Sense offers a suitable sun product for every sun situation and every type of skin to stay in the sun without any worries.

No skin is the same: some people never burn, for them the summer is a time to enjoy the charity of the sun without any worries. For others, summer is a difficult time, because every ray of sun could be too much and give them a painful, red skin. But for everyone, especially those who do not burn so quickly, the risk of skin damage in the long term lurks. Good protection is therefore important for everyone, especially for children.

The Sun with Sense series consists of the following products.

  • Sun with Sense Normal Skin (250ml) – NORMAL SKIN protects your skin against UV-A and UV-B radiation and against its effects. The product is waterproof, making it ideal for use during water sports and beach holidays. NORMAL SKIN also contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients that will care for your skin if you still burn something. Indication of protection factor: 15.


  • Sun with Sense Sensitive Skin (250ml) – SUN SENSITIVE SKIN is for people who want to get their sensitive skin used to the first (spring) sun. The tanning accelerator in SUN SENSITIVE SKIN creates a natural protection against UV radiation, first supported by the UV filters from Sun Sensitive Skin. In addition, vitamins and plant extracts keep your skin nice and flexible. Indication of protection factor: 20.


  • Sun with Sense High Protection (250ml) – Children deserve good protection from the sun to help prevent harmful effects of UV radiation in later life. Therefore is HIGH PROTECTION for children and people with a (very) light skin color, who reacts to the sun in a sensitive way. Due to the high protection factor against UV-A and UV-B and waterproof formula you can enjoy sun and sea for a longer period of time. Indication of protection factor: 30+.
  • Sun with Sense After Sun (250ml) – By taking good care of your skin with AFTER SUN you can enjoy your tan for longer. AFTER SUN nourishes your skin after possible burning by calming and nourishing components of aloe vera and chamomile. AFTER SUN keeps the skin supple, does not become leathery and gives a wonderful cooling effect on your skin.


  • Sun with Sense Self Bronzing (150ml) – This self-tanning cream for face and body provides a nice, tan color ± 4 hours after application. SELF BRONZING also offers protection agains UV radiation and can therefore also be used as a sun cream, making the effect even more beautiful. For a darker result we advise you to use the cream for three days in a row. Then applying once a week is enough to maintain the color.


  • Sun with Sense Mountain Sun Cream (50ml) – Take MOUNTAIN SUN CREAM to the mountains. At high altitudes you will be confronted with very intense UV radiation. MOUNTAIN SUN CREAM offers good protection against both UV-A and UV-B, so that your skin does not have to burn during extreme UV conditions of winter sports or mountain hiking. Indication of protection factor: 30+.