Softly® shampoo is especially for professionals, such as hairdressers and beauticians, because:

  • The best is expected of a professional.
  • The daily handling of professionals with the usual (aggressive) shampoos causes many problems of different nature to the hands.
  • Beauticians do everything to get the facial skin of the client optimal and this work in part is nullified bu the regular shampoos.

Softly® is ''Triple unique''

  • Because is preserved without preservative.
  • Because has a wonderful fragrance and does not contain perfume.
  • Because it is extremely soft and does not contribute to activity.

Softly® is a product from the ”MEDEX BIO SCIENCE COSMETICS” series. Softly® belongs to the absolute top as a shampoo. But Softly® is more than that! By using compensatory effects of various active components, including aromatic oils, the effects of less friendly components needed for a quality shampoo are neutralized and even a skin-improving effect is achieved. And the preservation is done, not by the usual aggressive preservatives, but the special use of an active component. This is one reason why Softly® shampoo is so mild. Together with Medex Hand & Body Cream is Softly® shampoo the answer to the ”barber hands” that are notorious for professionals. Softly® is a lovely mild shampoo for every day for every type of hair for beautiful hair to save the skin.

Softly® number 1 is the shampoo that you use every day * and that is suitable for all types of hair. The activity of Softly® number 1 is so great that both dry and dead hair will be beautiful, smooth and wavy again and other problems will be tackled efficiently. And of course Softly® number 1 contains a conditioner.

Softly® number 2 is the shampoo for a beautiful effect. Especially straight and longer hair will be shiny, full and heavy. Due to its mildness can Softly®, if desired, be used daily. * And of course Softly® number 2 contains a conditioner.

Due to its mildness, Softly® shampoo is best suited for daily use in comparison with other shampoos. Nonetheless, general advice applies to you if you shower daily, so as not to use soap and shampoo, which will eventually benefit your skin.