Real skin therapy.

In addition to your (good) daily skincare, you want a ”punch” therapy that significantly improves your skin in the short term, but you do not want Mesotherapy or cosmetic surgery (yet), then Medex ”Serum Repair Therapy” is a solution.

Medex ”Serum Repair Therapy”, which you can use as a therapy for a few weeks or … permanently use it as a constant stimulant of the fibroblasts to maintain or obtain a powerful skin. You can simply apply your usual creams, whatever they are.

The composition makes that the ingredients have such a strong effect and penetration, that it is also appropriate for the skin of the man and the dark skin.

Which Serums are there and when are they used

Wrinkle softening – Serum 10.5 Arnyligine + Hyaluronic acid

  • slight wrinkling
  • deeper wrinkling
  • crow’s feet
  • expression lines

Restoring – Nano Emulsion – Vit. C / E & Q10

  • dry skin
  • wrinkling due to UV damage
  • damaged skin for whatever reason
  • stressed skin
  • telangiectasia / couperose
  • hyperpigmentation

Reinforcement – Concentrated Strain Cell Serum + Hyaluronic Acid

  • relaxed skin
  • aged skin / mature skin
  • cellulite
  • crow’s feet

Skin problems due to Estrogen deficiency – Serum ”Phyto Hormones” + Hyaluronic acid

  • very dehydrated skin
  • uneven skin
  • gray skin
  • sensitive skin

Calming and restorative – Highly Concentrated B5 vit. Albizia extract + Hyaluronic acid

  • dehydrated skin
  • tired skin
  • dull skin
  • small pimples
  • gross pores
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • irritations and itching