A line, with the power from nature and "high-tech" from the Medex laboratory. With a look from the time that glamor was not yet available to everyone. The content of Quintenstein is of exceptional quality.

"A younger appearance with Quintenstein"

Everyone wants to get older and never has a well-groomed woman become more ugly of a wrinkle, certainly not with laughter wrinkles. But nobody wants to look old! And a well-groomed woman who maintains her skin well, and uses the best products that optimally care for the skin, does not look “old” at any age!

At Medex we work with the most modern methods in the scientific field, in order to be able to restore the already affected skin and to keep the moisture level in balance. The effect is that wrinkles / crow’s feet become less visible and are kept to a minimum. They are stopped, fade, even disappear and the skin is held firmly.

– 100% natural
– Ecological
– Biological
– Based on the most recent
scientific developments

Equendio Day Cream – 50ml.

Art. No.: V2201 € 69,50

Equendio Day Cream is enriched with essential oil complex, inlcuding Basil. Pro-Vitamin A ensures an equilibrium in the production of sebum, increases the blood circulation in the skin and helps in the formation of epithelial cells.

Lotion Fragilis – 150ml.

Art. No.: V2208 € 24,90

This lotion with Geranium is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Geranium has antiseptic and fungicidal properties, which help to restore the protective skin barrier, along with the slightly acidic pH of Lotion Fragilis. That is why Lotion Fragilis is also ideal for the most problematic skin.

Triticum Night Cream – 50ml.

Art. No.: V2211 € 44,50

A wonderful active night cream for oily and combination skin. Contains the highest quality components in a balanced proportion to keep you the luxurious feeling of a beautiful skin, where the moisture balance is restored.