Feel confident with a clear skin!

What causes you pimples?

Roughly speaking, there are two factors that are responsible for ‘your’ pimples. Particularly in the facial, back and chest skin glands secrete sebum. People with oily skin produce more sebum than others. There are innumerable ‘holes’ called follicles in the skin. The sebaceous glands secrete fat in these follicles and so the sebum comes out. In people with acne, it has been established that the output of the follicle (the pore) is closed by a clump of dead, keratinized skin cells, mixed with sebum. Normally, dead horns chip off automatically, but due to various causes these cells remain stuck together in people with acne and there is also additional cornification (hyperkeratosis), e.g. under the influence of hormones, friction (from clothing) and irritating ‘comedogenic’ fabrics from outside.

The horn plug thus closes the follicle from the outside world, so that the sebum can no longer flow freely outwards. Then it is a normal skin bacterium called Propionibacterium Acnes (which is common to everyone!) that causes the symptoms of inflammation. This bacterium lives, preferably from the sebum in the skin, but produces irritating fatty acids in its activities, which eventually cause infection of the skin and the appearance of comedones. Comedones (those are small black dots) ar such plugs that hide the follicle.

That is why it is important to regularly have a qualified beauty specialist remove comedones. She has been trained and trained to remove stubborn comedones without leaving scars behind.

Why are the pimples removed after puberty in one person and not in the other?

You know now that the overproduction of sebaceous glands plays a role in the development of acne. Some people have more sebum production than others, which are people with oily skin. In puberty, almost everyone ‘bothered’ that glands react ‘differently’, so the sebaceous glands react ‘differently’. When puberty is over, all glands are ‘well adjusted’ and only those with, naturally, a higher secretion of the sebaceous glands and larger follicles, continue to keep acne.  In addition to the aforementioned factors, you may also have pimples due to a sensitive, so-called nervous skin. This can often be seen because the skin is a little red and / or smudged. The cause of these pimples is of an allergic nature and they do not occur due to clogging of the follicles as described above. Particularly in this form, certain foods can play a role (strawberries are a well-known example), but that is obviously very individual. You understand that both forms can occur combined.

Note: especially with regard to skin problems, a beautician is not just for ladies; men and boys also benefit from the advice (and the tanning bed) from a qualified beautician.

Comedo Mutilat 50ml.

Art. No.: V2402 € 24,90

Deep cleansing peeling, a scrub mask for the unclean and oily skin with comedones and / or pimples. This peeling contains various minerals and cleans deep into the skin. Lost comedones: opens and pulls the pustules clean. The literal translation of Comedo Mutilat says enough: to destroy comedones.

Roxsalic (Roxace) Mask 50ml.

Art. No.: V2403 € 28,00

This peeling and purifying mask contains anti-microbial (anti bacterial) and sebum-regulating components, which are derived, inter alia, from natural lipids and amino acids, whereby the product has a drying effect on the skin that needs it, such as e.g. oily and unclean skin. The beneficial effect is achieved because again a combined effect occurs here. This complex mechanism of action gives excellent results.

Purus Mask 50ml.

Art. No.: V2405 € 28,00

A mask with a combined effect. By an optimal concentration of aloe vera, which works both calming and intense purifying, the mask is a beneficial softening for the skin, but also the moisture balance is favorably influenced by this mask. This gel-like mask, which also contains extracts of chamomile and hamamelis, is almost indispensable in the treatment of pimples in the broadest sense of the word.

Does the acne completely go away?

Yes, the acne can completely disappear, through a combination treatment. You will have to take into account that you also have to do a lot and have to continue. There is no means to ‘just’ cure acne, but it is certain that you will not have your whole life a major acne problem if you cooperate yourself.

How to act alongside the purus acne cure?

From the description of what acne is, you can conclude that hygiene is very important. Every day, at least as often as possible, use a clean towel, a clean washcloth and a clean pillowcase, this will benefit the fight against acne. It seems contradictory that you can not use soap to clean. That is because soap contains ingredients that stimulate, with the result that the sebaceous gland is even more activated. It also seems contradictionary, that you are striclty forbidden to squeeze or scratch the pimples, because you logically think: ‘the cause is in the blockage of the follicle, so when it is open then that problem is gone’; yet you can not dot that! Firstly, because when you squeeze out, you damage small blood vessels, so that soon, when the acne is gone, you will have an ugly skin with scars. Secondly, inflammation is present at the moment that you can express the pimple; you must therefore stay away from it. It is best to get used to not having to touch your face with your fingers at all. Not even to feel. What you can do is, if you feel the pimple pressing or itching, polish it with a cotton ball with lotion.

Diet and rules of life

As with all physical problems, also for acne, a balanced and healthy living is essential. Conscious food and a good night’s rest are part of this. For those who are now wondering, what do hidden pores have to do with a balanced and healthy life?; that the mechanism that causes acne is somewhat more complicated than described above. A full explanation of this would go too far. So go to bed early and pay attention to the following eating rules: You must drink some glasses of water every day; you should try to avoid pork, as well as other fatty foods. That croquettes, fries and other ”fast food” foods are not advisable, you already know. It is still advisable to take it easy with that kind of fatty products, and not just i.v. with your acne! But not all the fatty food is by definition bad, because you realize that the type of fat you eat does really matter. Mackerel and herring, for example, are very fatty fish; yet there is nothing better than eating such fatty fish once a week. This is mainly due to the so-called omega-3 fatty acids contained in it, of which it has been established that these are ‘essential’ and very healthy for humans. There are still more foods that are i.v. acne better can be avoided, because spicy herbs also have a bad influence. Actually all concentrated products such as salt, sugar, spices, etc. These are products that were not originally part of our natural diet. If that is the case, we can almost automatically say: ‘so wrong!’. Furthermore, buttermilk is better than regular milk: grilled meat is better than fried or roasted meat and honey or Canderel as sweetener is better than sugar. What is good: alternating food and dividing the normal amount over several portions. In other words: ‘rather much little, then little much’. It is very good to eat liver more often; as well as wholemeal bread, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. And wine is better than other alcoholic drinks. Alcohol generally has a bad influence on acne. Moreover, it is good to eat less meat and more often fish. Eating unleavened bread such as crackers and matzos is also good. It is also important that you have a good look at what you are specifically responding to over-sensitive at, so that you can leave it out of your food package. There are no rules for this, because all people react differently to substances. Take strawberries as an example. In strawberries there is a substance that many people are hypersensitive to, but certainly not everyone. For example, there are people who react strongly to everything, but no strawberries. Remember, too exaggerated rules are difficult to maintain and often have a demotivating effect when it turns out that you can not stick to it. That is why you have to decide for yourself what you can do and what you have left for it. Of course it is best to follow these tips as much as possible, but an absolute minimum: drink plenty of water – alternating food, no or little ”fast food” (junk food) – very moderate with alcohol, and when you still want to drink, red wine is better – less meat, and more fish.