Cosmetic Mesotherapy

Nowadays, when your ”normal” skin care is no longer sufficient, it is possible to achieve spectacular results by means of injections. In the general public only Botox is known, even so well-known, that almost all forms of these relatively new ”anti-ageing” treatments are so named. However, there are many more possibilities. Depending on the purpose of the treatment there is a choice of: botox, cosmetic mesotherapy, fillers / injectables or fruit acids.


What is Cosmetic Mesotherapy?

Cosmetic mesotherapy is the most effective method to ensure that the active ingredients are implemented in the skin because the upper barrier of your skin is broken. The 5 powerful active ingredients of Acti-Lift stimulate your skin to get back in optimum condition. With a cure of maximum 5 weekly treatments the optimal result is achieved. Then you only need 1 to 2 refresher treatments a year to keep the condition of your skin optimal. The degree of results is achieved depending on the method, the types of active ingredients and their concentration. 2M cosmetic mesotherapy provides: firmer and younger skin, the disappearance of small wrinkles and folds and an optimal condition of the skin. The result is really incredible. Many even think that the photos in the brochure are manipulated, but they are really the result of 5 treatments. Often after the cosmetic mesotherapy treatment the use of fillers or Botox is no longer necessary, at most for one or two very deep folds.