The ''Medex Herbs Repair Therapy'' is composed of various sterilized herbs.

Components include Melissa Officinalis, known to you as lemon balm, but then autoclaved. These components are used because of the restoring ability on the skin. Any damage to the skin of any cause, even from UV and environmental damage, will benefit Melissa Officinalis.

The well-known peppermint herb is rich in the acid Rosmarinic Acid and has a strong synergistic effect with lemon balm. The extra strength that is obtained by this makes it almost inconceivable that those two herbs do not work together. The same applies to the silica of Heermoes. All have a deep effect to the dermis and thus, in addition to their restorative effect, a lasting result by stimulating the production of essential proteins from amino acids in the dermis, including the well-known proteins Collagen and Elastin as well as the Hyaluronic acid.

You get all these effects directly from nature, provided that the preservation, sterilization and application take place in the right way. That is more than collecting and mixing herbs. Medex is proud of this knowledge that is required to ensure that all components do their work optimally. That is why you always read the name Medex together with they addition: Bio Science Cosmetics.

Indications are a whole range of skin problems, such as:

Skin aging, weakened skin, poorly perfused skin, acne, scars, coarse pores, hyperkeratosis and lifeless skin.