From a permanently beautiful, young skin insured to an old age!

The combination of Medex Serums and Medex Cellular Fluids is so powerful and effective that you can be sure that your skin will remain beautiful and young and that you will not need any Botox, fillers or otherwise cosmetic medicine when following these tips:

If you follow the next 7 points, you can be 100% sure.

1. Start with good skin care as early as possible. Although the combination ”Medex Serums” and ”Cellular Fluids” can recover a lot of damage, prevention is easier than repairng.

2. The best anti-ageing treatment is suns protection.

3. Drink water regularly during the day (do not overdo).

4. Move: you do not have to cycle or walk kilometers, but daily exercise is necessary. Your circulatory system must get off to a good start by doing a few knee bends in the morning.

5. Pay attention to what you eat.

6. All good cosmetics contain components that ensure that the circulation of the skin is good. The opposite is achieved through smoking. In short, smoking is 2x a sin, a waste of money and a sin of your skin.

Use a night cream appropriate to your skin at night (without UV filter). Your beautician knows which cream you need.

The ”Cellular Fluid” activity focuses on different parts in the cell. And you can also see how stimulation of the stem cells takes place in the drawings below. The cell repair effect is a result of direct stimulation of proteins that repair damage to the cell.

The epidermal stem cells of the skin are located in the basal cell layer. In young skin, there are many stem cells from that basal cell layer, which are converted into keratinocytes, so that the skin is ”filled up” from below. For example, the epidermis is completely renewed in a period of one month.

In obsolete skin, the stem cells are converted into keratinocytes much less often, so that the skin is not ”filled in” from the bottom up,  with the result that the skin party ”collapses” and fine lines appear that can later become wrinkles.

By using Cellular Lifting ”Tinted” Fluid with stem cell stimulating Symphytum extract, the epidermis is filled from below by increased production of keratinocytes, so that the cells connect nicely and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is prevented.