The natural combination for your success:

• lactic acid
• citric acid
• tartaric acid

a-HYCID® Gel
Reduction of cohesion between the horn cells.
Acceleration of the natural renewal process of the skin.
Improvement of the elastic and plastic properties of the stratum corneum.
To be used in hyperkeratinization, acne (acne scars), aging skin, age spots and hyperpigmentation.


In addition to your (good) daily skincare, you want a ”punch” therapy that significantly improves your skin in the short term, but you do not want Mesotherapy or cosmetic surgery (yet), then Medex ”Serum Repair Therapy” is a solution.

Medex ”Serum Repair Therapy”, which you can use as a therapy for a few weeks or … permanently use it as a constant stimulant of the fibroblasts to maintain or obtain a powerful skin. You can simply apply your usual creams, whatever they are.

The composition makes the ingredients have such a strong effect and penetration, that it is also appropriate for the skin of the man and the dark skin.


The problem of acne is most common among young people, but not only among young people. This treatment method is a very important development. The method is mild and natural. It is based on purification. Your skin thus remains intact. Also your skin does not dry very much, if this is the case, than the beauty specialist does something for (Ampul Hydro-gen). She has the ampoule fluid Desensible if you have extra sensitive skin. Without these extras the pimples also go away. These ”extras” are more expensive and do not actually have anything to do with the treatment, this is only mentioned after the treament to ensure that your skin is also beautiful and well cared for.


Une affair d’amour avec mes cosmétiques

Cosmetic technology cellular fluid, anti-ageing and SPF 15

From a permanently beautiful, young skin insured to an old age! The combination of Medex Serums and Medex Cellular Fluids is so powerful and effective that you can be sure that your skin will remain beautiful and young and that you will not need any Botox, fillers or otherwise cosmetic medicine when following these tips. Read more.


Every woman, who pays attention to herself – especially after professional advice – exudes a feminine charm, often as she did not even expect that from herself. Make-up does not make a woman beautiful, but accentuates her charm. The line ”Charlotte Sophie” fits entirely into philosophy.


Softly is for the extra sensitive skin. In fact, every skin that is slightly older needs a soft, beautiful full cream. Medex is now specialized in this through the experience with Quintenstein. And now this experience is extended for the really hypersensitive skin with ”Softly”. As the child grows older, the skin becomes thinner and therefore more sensitive to various factors that the skin used to prevent, such as UV radiation from sunlight, dehydration by cf. and strong winds, resulting in reactions to the most common care products such as shampoo, soap and the creams you always used. That is why there is ”Softly” for you, the softest of the softest.


The sun is the primal source of all life. Every time we are invited to enjoy the benefits and warmth of the sun. MEDEX Sun with Sense offers a suitable sun product for every sun situation and every type of skin to stay in the sun without worry.

No skin is the same: some people never burn, for them the summer is a time to enjoy the charity of the sun without any worries. For others, summer is a difficult time, because every ray of sun could be too much for the skin, giving them a painful, red skin. But for everyone, especially those who do not burn so quickly, the risk of a skin damage in the long term lurks. Good protection is therefore important for everyone, especially for children.


Xenymphus has broken the tradition that mud baths, algae packs and other spa products, although good for the skin and condition, are very ‘basic’.

Xenymphus is extremely effective, and above that, much attention has been paid to: well-being, luxury and smell. The smell is obtained, for example, by essential oils from plants. As a result, a Xenymphus treatment is also delicious and beneficial, so that you can take it back as reborn. For example, Greek wisdom: ”a healthy mind in a healthy body” has not lost its topicality.


The age-old knowledge of herbs combined with modern technology from ”Medex Bio Science Cosmetics” leads to an exceptional result. The possibilities you have with this are so extensive that you can almost speak of an individually adapted treatment method.

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics has the technology and knowledge to sterilize, preserve and activate. Thereby, releasing the potential force into active force.


Softly is a product from the ”Medex Bio Science Cosmetics” series. Softly belongs to the absolute top as a shampoo. But Softly is more than that! By using compensatory effects of various active components, including aromatic oils, the effects of less friendly components needed for a quality shampoo are neutralized and even a skin-improving effect is achieved. The preservation is done, not by the usual aggressive preservatives, but by the special use of an active component. This is partly why Softly shampoo is so mild. Together with Medex Hand & Body Cream, Softly shampoo is the answer to the notorious ”hairdressers hands”. Softly is a lovely mild shampoo for every day for every type of hair for beautiful hair to safe the skin.