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Drenthe is a wonderful region in the Netherlands, well-known for its tranquillity and peacefulness which brings us back a hundred years in time. In the middle of the region we find the town of Elp, a typical Dutch place to foreign visitors and only a 30 minutes’ drive from the German border. Right there, in calm surroundings, the family-owned company of Medex has been producing the finest cosmetics imaginable for 30 years now - with the personal touch of a small team (35 people).

In the heart of picturesque Drenthe lies the estate of ‘Steinborg’, belonging to the Stein-Borg family. The Stein-Borgs are the owners of cosmetics firm ‘Medex’ and they live in their estate in Elp, a 10 minutes drive from the Medex company in Zwiggelte.

On entering the factory building of Medex, one immediately feels the pleasant atmosphere, characteristic to the company. From the estate ‘Steinborg’ it’s only a 10 minutes drive to the factory, small-scale, but ultramodern and located in the most romantic village of Drenthe, Zwiggelte. The easygoing atmosphere of the Drenthe region manifests itself in the manufacturing process: with care, love and personal dedication Medex produces a variety of collections all belonging to the Medex brand and all possessing their own distinguishing characteristics. So many different possibilities that it almost seems as if Medex cosmetics can be made to size for the individual user.


The absolute top and pride of the company is its collection of “Josephine van Steinborg”. A very potent anti-ageing line, based on the powerful impact of maritime elements and the extracts of the original caviar, which elicit significant improvements after only a short period of time. This line is presented in a unique way, making every purchase feel like a ‘gift’ to yourself.

The professional line “Quintenstein” has a similarly intensive effect, however it is based on natural aromatic oils and vitamins. Consequently, natural aromatic and active substances have been selected which complement each other to the extent that almost no perfumes or other additions are needed. As a result this line is especially effective for fragile skin types.

A second collection intended for professional use is “Medex Professional”. This line contains about 50 different items, allowing the beauty therapist to make individual choices for her client. There has never been a client who, on being introduced to this Medex Professional line, didn’t react by saying that she was given something totally incomparable to products she used before.

Other specialties include a wellness-series, a men’s line and specific problem-treatment products. Separate brochures can be obtained for every one of these specialties. It would be too extensive to give a complete summary here. For more information on all Medex brands and collections, click on products.