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Why MEDEX is so Successful:

  • MEDEX carries out extensive marketing research, whereby it is able to provide its customers with products which suit their needs.
  • Nearly all cosmetic brands focus their attention on image and presentation. Instead of being exclusively concerned with product image, MEDEX research is oriented towards quality and focuses on its product’s effects, without ever losing sight of its image.
  • MEDEX intensively guides and trains importers, beauty therapists and pharmacists, who sell its products.
  • MEDEX has its own creative laboratory for the development and permanent improvement of products. This laboratory is under the management of three staff members specializing in different disciplines: a chemist, a physician and a laboratory quality specialist.
  • The MEDEX production process is under permanent internal and external quality control.

MEDEX in the market

With more than 30 years of experience in the international beauty branch, MEDEX is a well-established specialist in highly active, luxurious skin preparations. MEDEX started out as a pharmaceuticals company in the nineteen seventies. The ‘Medical’ division under the divisional name ‘Steinborg’ is still one of MEDEX’s most important pillars. The specialized cosmetics were later expanded to encompass a wide range of increasingly important skin care products in the border area between ‘medical and cosmetics’, particularly products for the treatment of acne and neglected and damaged skin, this expansion took place in such a way that MEDEX is now the market leader in the field of specialist cosmetics in a number of European countries.

How MEDEX is different

Cosmetics are consumer products, it is therefore in the nature of the product that where their effects are concerned, cosmetics are generally geared to the large majority of users. The special distinction of MEDEX is that more priority is given to the skin type of the user. Medex is able to offer a very wide choice of products. The MEDEX policy is to give extensive guidance and training to its saleswomen. In some countries these are sales staff working at perfume counters and in other countries they are beauty specialists, depending on the package of products which MEDEX offers in that country. In the Netherlands, the ‘Bio Science Cosmetics’ range of products are available only through beauty specialists.

Product Development

MEDEX has its own creative laboratory for the development and permanent improvement of products. This laboratory is under the management of three staff members specializing in different disciplines, a chemist, a doctor and a laboratory quality specialist. MEDEX research also makes use of specialist external laboratories. The ultimate results are inspected and tested by independent laboratories.

The Production Process

As well as the quality of the raw materials and the formulas developed in the laboratory, the production process itself plays an important role in the quality of the products. Only a select group of manufacturers, which includes MEDEX, uses the optimum production process. This involves cremes being produced in phases and each component being added at the temperature specific to that component and at the correct phase of the process. In this way, the potency of a component cannot be lost. It may be dependent on a temperature difference of just one or two degrees.


Production in accordance with hyper-modern methods and in conditions of absolute hygiene. Each and every production process is governed by the demands of purity; production takes place in a vacuum. Quality and bacteriological testing takes place three times during the process: Quality of raw materials tested prior to use. Bacteriological and mycological investigations by an independent bacteriological laboratory following production. The same investigations are repeated using sampling methods after the product has been packaged. The process is only allowed to continue after the laboratory report has been issued. For this report, MEDEX maintains a standard which is 10 times stricter than the standard usually accepted by government bodies.